I may be an aging tech head but at the same time too much change and a need to feel comfortable with the gear I’m using, keeps me hanging on to stuff that should have been converted into a toaster long ago.

This is why the computer I’ve been using for my online work is a struggling 1.2 GHz old man that’s still running windows XP (a operating system Microsoft pulled the support for a long time ago).

Apart from the fact that some of the services used to keep my websites going are becoming allergic to windows XP (Dropbox etc) and the lack of updates that leave the computer open to all kinds of nasty viruses, the thing is starting to complain every time I dare to push the power button.

POS old computer

Why Don’t you Just Die?

All the maintenance in the world doesn’t make a dent in the crappy performance and in a fit of frustration at a start up time that allows me to make food and coffee, went and splashed out on a much better (used) system.

The Difference?

Just to give the idea of the difference here’s the old PC specs compared to the new system.

CPUMemoryStorageGraphicsOperating System
Old Computer
Intel 1.86ghz Dual Core1gb RAM169gb IDE Hard DriveOn Board Shared ChipsetWindows XP Media Service Pack 3
New Computer
Pentium 2.70ghz Dual Core4gb RAM55gb SATA and 300 gb SSD1gb Nvidia Graphics Card Windows 10 Professional

Its not the 3hgz i5 beast that’s for gaming and processing my Go Pro videos, but that would be overkill just for working on wordpress blogs.

Running windows 10 would not have been my first choice but the computer was so cheap even when you consider it has a good sized SSD hard drive (very fast to boot up), that it just had to come home with me.

As it turns out windows 10 wasn’t as much of a pain as I feared it would be, at least not by the time I’d hacked about with the settings.

Not All Plain Sailing

Transferring all my ‘stuff’ between the PC’s was easy enough (even if it takes forever).

With that done the fun really began 🙂 , from a totally different layout on Windows 10 for some of the programs I use? to the annoying way that it resists me turning on any sort of spell checking (a must for me and crucial for those who like to try and make sense of what I write).

Not sure what to do with the old 1.2ghz, but provided I keep it off the Internet and don’t give it anything too demanding, its still usable and should run for many years to come (maybe as a radio to sound card data decoding or a dedicated POCSAG system!).

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