OK, so the scanner comes without a power supply which could be a major issue if the radio needed a strange voltage, but at 13.8 volt and a low current need means hooking it up to a cheap and nasty CB radio supply will do the job nicely (that’s if you can’t find a replacement Radio Shack model).

There are some cosmetic marks on the scanner although considering its age these aren’t too bad and it also would benefit from a good clean (why people don’t do this before advertising an item is always lost on me).

All this could keep the price down and if your prepared to toss a coin on how well the scanner functions, end up with a bargain.


Radio Shack Pro 2036 200 Channel Scanner

With roughly 2 and a half days left on the auction (at time of writing), there’s enough time to see how things go and what sort of bids are laid down.

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Radio Shack Pro 2036 Specs

Frequency Coverage 29-54, 108-174, 380-512, 806-956 MHz
Modes AM and FM
Power Source 13.8 VDC
200 Channels

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