Hunting for a used handheld scanner can be daunting with so many models available in the secondhand market but once you take out the models that only start receiving at about 70 MHz and only offer AM/FM modes along with any trunking function the field starts to get very small.

One of the issues with handheld wide band scanners is squeezing all those necessary controls onto what is after all a small surface area on the scanners case. Some get it right leaving us with intuitive layouts that always seems to put the most important and often used buttons right under our finger tips, while others just market little plastic packages of frustration where even basic operation can cause limitless stress.

Were not saying that you should be able to fly through a scanner you’ve never picked up before but if some manufacturers actually spent more time trying to use their own products before releasing them on the world they might be easier to use.

Anyway enough venting, down to business 🙂

Yupiteru MVT-7100

530 KHz to 1,650 MHz
Modes : FM (Wide and Narrow), AM, LSB AND USB
1000 Memory Channels
Fast 30 Channels a Second Scan Rate
Duplex Receive

Equipped with useful scan functions and a 1000 channel memory this Yupiteru scanner is in our opinion one of the best non trunking scanners you can find on the used market. The wide frequency coverage is enough to take in all the interesting (and easily received) sections of the radio spectrum but where this scanner really shines is down in the HF bands.

Trying to get a handheld to function well at lower frequencies gives a whole host of obstacles for the designers and few seem to get it right but whack a long wire or dipole on the 7100 and the fine tuning control comes into its own, delivering the sort of signals you’d expect from a base scanner.

Courtesy of Solar M

You might see these advertised on online auction sites as being rare, this is due more to the fact that quality sets don’t see it to the secondhand market often because owners are very reluctant to sell something their happy with rather than a small quantity being made.

Don’t let the rare tag fool you into paying over the odds for a Yupiteru MVT-7100 as you can usually find a few for sale at any given time, a quick look at eBay UK this morning shows 4 models available at auction with 2 being in the sort of condition we would be happy to bid for.

As with most scanners there are a number of modifications that can be done to the 7100 with changing the back light control to give a more permanent on time being one of the popular upgrades. If possible check with the seller to see if any mods have been done so you know exactly what your getting, with scanners changing hands all the time this may be difficult as not all the mods are immediately obvious to the naked eye.

When shipped new the MVT-7100 came with a nice range of accessories and if you can get an original box with all the bits for a little more money its worth the price, this also makes it easier to sell on should you decide to one day.

Have any more suggestions for best wide band handy?, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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