Radio history has as much interest for me as what’s happening today and in pursuit of the more vintage side of radio on the internet, I come across plenty of abandoned hobby radio Blogs.

Archived blog

You can see some have been started on a whim but others have received serious effort, not only in the setting up/design but also some well thought out content. The decision to stop writing can’t be lack of interest in their chosen hobby as you can see the amount of passion they’ve put into writing the bits that are left behind.

You’ll find loads of these on the free blogging platforms (like blogger) where getting a website up and running is made easy. Even so I’ve still come across a few that haven’t been worked on for years that are on their own hosting and domain. These will only stay “active” as long as someone pays for hosting/domain renewal.

That said I have one achieved website that doesn’t get any attention anymore (or much traffic) but has had too much done to it to warrant total deletion. As it doesn’t take up much resources its nestled among a bunch of active websites on a server somewhere?

The Web Traffic Crisis

Those who sell hosting and domains make it look like all you have to do is build a small website and the world will come beating a path to you door, yeah right. Getting a decent amount of people to view a new website is difficult enough even without getting them to keep coming back.

Constant throttling back of visitors by the search beast that is Google and big social networks like Facebook have made getting a new website noticed very difficult.

Maybe the 10 or so posts I see on so many of these blogs is the measure of how long this “lack of traffic realization” takes to kick in. After all who wants to put themselves and their passion out there, only to have nobody read it?

Getting (and keeping) a website running takes lots and lots of work, not only in filling it with content but the merry-go-round process of maintenance.

Writing a Book or Two?

Then there’s the writing in itself, which can be difficult if your not used to doing it, but fortunately does get better over time. Just take a look at the awful first posts on this blog and you’ll see what I mean 🙂

And there has to be a great deal of writing, way more than you’d think. Doing some rough math shows me that I must have churned out in the region of 500,000 words in my short time working online, spread out across ten separate websites.


Without direct contact with the blogs absent owners its impossible to know just why they stopped creating a potential masterpiece but its still a big loss for the whole hobby radio community.

The other problem is the static websites that are laying dormant won’t be there forever even if their setup on free hosting and any valuable or entertaining information they contain will be lost permanently.

Old papers picture courtesy of Wikipedia, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license

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